Nicole Belanger Satullo - Candidate for Chair

Updated: Mar 11

For the last four years we had a single mission: Get Trump out. We did it! During a once-in-a-century pandemic, we came together to vote in unprecedented numbers. But the 21st-century has a cautionary tale; this is no time for complacency. We must pursue a better future for every American.

As DAUK Chair, I will build on our success in 2020 and support new initiatives to get us ready for the 2022 midterms, winning more seats in the Senate and shoring up the House. To do this we need to increase our membership. We also need to engage our existing members better by offering clear pathways to volunteer, learn about issues they care about, and feel a sense of community. Early on in my work in DAUK I learned that making a member feel they are part of something that matters makes them more likely to vote.

As Oxford chapter vice-chair and chair, I led a team to conduct outreach to students and academic departments, resulting in a 50% increase in membership during my tenure. I also expanded our events calendar of films, debate watches, and action nights, and organized talks with politicians and experts on civil liberties and the environment. I planned and managed our last in-person event, a two-day Global Presidential Primary, where over 400 members cast their vote.

In 2020, the pandemic forced DAUK to throw away the old playbook and write a new one.

DAUK moved online, and I seized this opportunity to include members from across the country. I reshaped our phonebanking efforts, launching campaigns earlier, and conducting training and support entirely virtually. With our team, I developed a campaign strategy, and analyzed results. Thanks to our volunteers we reached swing voters before the fall and our approach served as a model for Democrats Abroad’s launch of a global CallHub Committee.

As DAUK Secretary I re-launched our efforts to reach our members through local groups. We created a plan to kickstart new groups, and provide ongoing support. I’m delighted that we now have seven thriving regional groups across the UK.

COVID-19 meant that we had to improvise in 2020. I will work with leaders to keep the best of what we invented while encouraging new ideas. Team Nicole will improve our leadership pipeline, strengthen our communications, and build the inclusive and diverse multiracial and multigenerational membership we believe in and need going forward. As we emerge from the pandemic, we can build back better.

I am ready to go on day one, with an understanding of our organizational strengths and weaknesses. I will work tirelessly to bring our membership together to confront the new challenges facing us. As we have proven, we can deliver victories in key races so that Democrats have the best chance of enacting policies to improve Americans’ lives. With Team Nicole, DAUK will make an even bigger impact in the 2022 midterms and future elections. Please visit

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