Monica Tanouye - Candidate for Treasurer

In the run-up to the 2022 midterms, the Democratic Party needs to focus on voter turnout in red and purple states. I am passionate about the critical role Democrats Abroad can play in this, and that’s why I am running for DAUK Treasurer/DPCA Voting Representative.

My professional background is in the nonprofit sector, centered on project, partner and volunteer management for multimillion-dollar fundraising campaigns. I currently work at UNICEF UK where I manage relationships with major supporters, raising $1M annually. I am recognized at work for discipline and attention to detail, coupled with an ability to see the big picture, which I believe would be an asset as Treasurer.

My interest and involvement in politics is rooted in my background as a mixed race Japanese-Mexican-Irish-German woman. The stories told by my Mexican immigrant grandmother, learning about my Japanese family's life in post-WWII Hawaii, and my own experiences have developed my understanding of race in America and what it might take to create a more inclusive and representative democracy. As a leader in the organization, I will bring this perspective to DAUK and the DPCA.

I have been a member of DAUK since I moved to London in 2017, volunteering at the Independence Day Picnics in 2018 and 2019. Last year, I helped raise over $25,000 for our global phonebanking and GOTV efforts as part of the Call The World fundraising team.

As DAUK Treasurer, I will ensure smooth operations of our work through efficient, equitable budget management. Ensuring we maintain momentum with voters will be more challenging in a midterm, so we will need to use our resources strategically to turn out the vote. I will build strong, collaborative relationships with our chapters, caucuses and group leaders to set budgets and financial plans that make this a reality. More broadly, as a member of the Executive Committee, I will contribute to a positive, proactive team culture and will support additional projects when and where needed most. As a Voting Representative, I will bring my insights as Treasurer and personal perspective to our engagement with the DPCA.

I love being a part of DAUK and supporting our historic successes in 2020. I believe my experiences and background will make a unique contribution. I hope you will cast your vote for me and the rest of Team Nicole 21. For more information on our candidates, please visit

Short biography: I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, studied Economics and Spanish at Boston University and worked in Charleston, South Carolina before relocating to London. While working in marketing and communications in Charleston, I organized for the city’s first ever Mayoral Forum on Race Equity, held in the wake of the Mother Emanuel Church shootings. Outside of my work in fundraising, I am pursuing a masters in international relations at SOAS University of London where I am researching migration diplomacy in Mexico and Turkey. I live in London with my husband, Mike, and love knitting, cycling and reading.

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