John Lindsay - Candidate for Vice Chair

Updated: Mar 11

Democrats Abroad UK has undergone an incredible period of growth, culminating in our record-setting year for voter turnout, media engagement, and awareness raising in 2020. We have a strong foundation as we head into critical midterm elections in 2022, and I want to help us double down on our successes and move forward together.

As Vice Chair of DAUK, I plan to:

  • Welcome diverse perspectives from the wide spectrum of our membership and make their concerns heard by the Executive Committee through frequent outreach and consultation with activists, caucuses, and other groups.

  • Examine methods to improve and streamline our communications. Starting with a full-scale review of our communications plan, and working with our dedicated team to improve and scale the communications strategy, we will meet the needs of our global presence. This exercise would include collaborating with existing communications leaders across Democrats Abroad International (DA). Expand engagement with members through continued virtual Town Halls, enabling greater participation from across the UK.

  • Work closely with our Get-Out-The-Vote team to provide committed resources and sufficient publicity to achieve our most essential purpose as DAUK.

  • Establish a standing fundraising committee to fiscally support DAUK’s efforts while deepening ties to DA’s worldwide fundraising efforts.

The Vice Chair position provides an opportunity to work internally, by supporting members and volunteers across the UK, and externally, by reaching out to the wider public about the issues that matter to us most. Like the other members of Team Nicole, I have had the opportunity to support DAUK in both capacities, including:

  • Serving as a spokesperson for DAUK on major radio and television outlets, including BBC radio, the Daily Mail, and Arise Media.

  • Co-Chairing the Oxford chapter’s voter registration drive.

  • Serving as a member of the Call the World fundraising team, which raised over $25,000 to support Democrats Abroad’s phone-banking efforts and GOTV around the world.

  • Co-authoring the DA Platform Planks on Foreign Policy and Trade.

  • Organizing events with DA on climate change and voter registration, including a discussion with Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY) with hundreds of attendees from around the world.

Beyond my activities with DAUK, I bring a decade of political organizing, fundraising, and policy experience supporting progressive candidates and causes in the U.S. Recently, I served as a member of the foreign policy team for both Secretary Buttigieg and President Biden’s Presidential campaigns, and as a consultant to several progressive policy organizations. I also bring the experience of growing up in upstate New York, in an area that overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump, and the skills to successfully advocate to these communities - including union homes like mine.

DAUK is central to my community here in the UK, and I am proud to have done my part in helping it grow. I hope you will join me in moving DAUK forward, by casting your vote for the members of Team Nicole – Nicole Belanger Satullo, Dr. Caroline Ruchonnet and Monica Tanouye. For more information, please visit

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