Caroline Ruchonnet - Candidate for Secretary

Updated: Mar 11

2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone, and DAUK underwent a lot of unexpected, but necessary changes. DAUK expanded beyond what we imagined was possible, and is now serving more Americans than ever before. Despite lockdown and social distancing, we have been able to connect like-minded volunteers and activists across the UK to work towards a common goal, and our votes helped clinch the 2020 election! Now it’s time to move forward together as we approach the 2022 midterms. As Secretary of DAUK I will:

  1. Faithfully carry out the duties of this office as outlined in the DAUK by-laws, overseeing management of our database and all administrative records.

  2. Adopt more accessible practices for both online and in-person events. (Captions on video calls for HOH/deaf, image descriptions/alt text on social media for the visually impaired, accessible venues for in-person meetings.)

  3. Encourage further collaboration among regional groups, chapters, and caucuses, co-sponsoring events for common interests including get out the vote activities and introducing members to all DAUK has to offer.

  4. Further member engagement with virtual events, in addition to in-person gatherings, to help build the DAUK community.

The Secretary is an essential hub for information in DAUK. I will help create content, events, and materials to serve our members, as well as foster collaboration among our groups. Through my experience in the past 4 years as a leader in DAUK, I have held a variety of roles including:

  1. Served 2 consecutive terms as Chair of the Scotland Chapter. I organized a variety of events (July 4th BBQ, Speakeasies, Pub Nights, Voter Registration Drives) as well as the 2020 Global Presidential Primary for two voting centers in Scotland.

  2. Helped establish 7 regional groups in 2020.

  3. Organized DAUK-wide events including the first virtual Independence Day Picnic, Debate Watches and Biden Town Hall Watch. I also provided technical support for other events including the Election Night watch party and the Inauguration watch party.

  4. Organized protest for gun law reform outside the US Consulate in Edinburgh, giving a speech on behalf of the Scotland Chapter.

DAUK has become a huge part of my life, and I truly believe in the service we provide for Americans living abroad. We will play a vital role in the political battles ahead, and a strong showing of American voters from abroad has the power to turn the tide at home. I would be honored to serve as DAUK Secretary and DPCA rep, and I look forward to working with Team Nicole 21 []: Nicole Belanger Satullo, John Lindsay and Monica Tanouye, and the new Executive Committee.

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